Golfing at Ackerman Hills, Purdue

Last week, I published a post that described all the reasons golfing is a sport for the outdoorsman/woman. This week I’d like to show you why.

A few days after that golfing post, I went to a golf scramble to capture some photo footage of a Purdue University amateur league. The course was full of college students in khaki shorts and collared shirts, roaming the fairways at one of the Midwest’s finest golf courses, Ackerman Hills.

Sure, they’re all amateurs, but so will you be if you ever end up out on the green yourself. What I really wanted to capture though, and what you’ll see in the slideshow below, is just how beautiful and naturally scenic golf can be.

The greens and the blues, the serene beauty of the grass and the trees and sky, are no photoshop tricks. More than that, hearing the golfers converse about the impact nature plays on the sports is a further testament as to why golf might just be the perfect sport for us hikers, explorers, and anyone who enjoys the quiet allure the outdoors can bring.

As can be heard in the slideshow audio, the game of golf is most fun when with a friend or a group, and although it’s competitive it’s also a chance to spend time with friends and be social. If you don’t have clubs, don’t worry – most golf courses will let you use their clubs at the driving range. That way you can practice as much as you like until you decide it’s time to buy your own (look for an old cheap set at a thrift store like Goodwill) and get out on the course for some 18-hole action (some courses even have beginner 9-hole courses to help get your bearings).

Speaking of golf courses, if you don’t know where to start, here’s a list of just about all of the courses Indiana has to offer – from private country clubs and resorts, to nearby public courses.

A day on the green is never a day wasted, especially when the sun is out and shining against the clear blue sky, and the wind is blowing just enough to keep you cool. And letting your hair down while you bustle down the fairway in your own golf cart between strokes isn’t a bad bonus, either. Just don’t forget that the best day of golf is made with friends, and a little bit of sunscreen as well.



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