Long hair hiking hairstyles

With the Indiana air starting to warm up, hiking isn’t going to be as cool and comfy as it was in early spring. For most guys, that just means shorts and a sleeveless instead of pants and a jacket. However, for girls and dudes with longer hair, it means finding a way to keep your head from feeling like a sauna of hot death.

As a guy with hair longer than most, I can finally easily relate to my girlfriend’s complaints of stray hair finding their way from their bun or ponytail and into the way of her sweaty and sticky face. In other words, summertime hiking and other outdoor activities pose an issue for long-haired individuals trying to keep their hair away from the face while still attempting to look at least slightly good and fashionable.

Despite its challenges, long hair does give you more to work with, and a much wider variety of hairstyles to try – not only in everyday life but out in nature as well.

Hunting through Pinterest, I’ve assembled an array of hairstyle photos – all of longer-haired individuals – that exemplify the perfect balance between fun and function. From tight buns, to ball caps, to braids and half-ponytails, this Pinterest board is loaded with options on how to do your hair right this summer.

So go ahead, have a look, and be sure to keep your face and neck cool next time you hit the trails… and look good while doing it.


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