Adventurous Tattoos

I’ll be going offline for the next week, but before I leave this blog inactive for the next 7 days, I wanted to make a quick blurb about something I’m beginning to love more the more I get them: tattoos.

Tattoos are one of the most ancient forms of expression through art, and they are a cool way to relate to someone else without ever saying a word to them. For instance, if you – an adventurer – were sitting next to a stranger who perhaps had the word “EXPLORE” permanently etched in black ink against his forearm, you would immediately have some sort of a bond with that individual. Maybe you’d strike up a conversation, maybe not. The point is this: getting tattoos about something you love says something about who you are, without you having to say a word.

I personally only have a few tattoos, and not of them yet express my love for the outdoors. But that’s the next one on my list. This next week, I’ll be pondering over what kind of nature-inspired tattoo I’ll be wanting, and maybe you should as well.

To give you (and myself) some inspiration, I’ve started a board on my Pinterest page. Take a look, scroll through the different designs and style, and get inspired.

If you haven’t gotten inked before, though, here are a couple tips on your first tattoos:

Number one, make sure you actually want the tattoo you are going to get. This thing is going to be a part of you forever, so make sure you love it and are sure that it says something about you you’ll be proud of for the rest of your life. At the same time, life is short, so don’t stress too much.

Number two, do your research on tattoo artists. Make sure you like the style of the artist you are going with, and that you have viewed his or her portfolio extensively. There are definitely such things as bad tattoo artists. If you do your homework before you go into the shop, though, you’ll increase  your chances of being totally happy with the finished product.

Until I return, I’ll be pondering on which adventurous tattoo I’ll be getting next, and maybe you should too.


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