Indiana’s online mountain bike haven

To be honest, my love for exploring Indiana’s outdoors has never really coincided with a love for mountain biking. Exploring on foot? Absolutely. Dirt biking through Indiana’s hidden trails when there’s no time to head up to Michigan? You bet. But between hiking and motoring through the trees, I’ve never found that sweet spot between the two. Mountain biking is a great time, don’t get me wrong, but let’s just say I’m not as well-versed in the subject especially when it comes to finding the best places to peddle.

Luckily, my hours of random web-surfing have paid off and have led me to an extraordinarily useful tool for Hoosiers looking to do some Indiana-style mountain biking.

Singletracks is a website that maps out every single mountain bike trail in Indiana. It utilizes a map of the entire state so you can easily find the trails closest to you. The site also features an extensive list of every trail in Indiana, which can be sorted top-down from a variety of categories including overall rating, difficulty, and length. It’s the perfect tool for  both beginners searching for local flat tracks and for experts hunting for more challenging landscapes.

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The website also includes pictures of some of the top destinations. Going through some of the photos from the top-rated trails at Brown County State Park and Imagination Glenn made me want to patch my flat, strap my bike to the back of my car and explore.



One of the best features of Singletracks is the reviews sections, which houses comments and ratings from bikers all over Indiana. Not only can reviews on individual destinations and trails be found, but even on gear like helmets, gloves, and (of course) bikes. Novice or veteran, this site is bound be a helpful tool for exploring the apparently expansive world of Indiana mountain biking.



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