The best shirts for hiking

Whether you’re hiking, biking, or just taking a stroll on the trail, you know how aggravating and uncomfortable when you’re wearing the wrong clothes. If you’ve never made the mistake of wearing a plain old cotton shirt when your out and about in the grand outdoors, take my advice – don’t do it. Even if it’s not particularly warm out, your skin needs to breathe. The only thing cotton is going to do for you is keep that layer of sweat locked in until you reach the shower. On colder days, it’s even worse. Ever finished a hot and sticky hike, only to be left freezing and wet on the way home from the moisture trapped under your shirt? Again, take my advice – don’t do it.

What you can do, though, is a little bit of research, followed by spending a little bit of money. Luckily for you, I’ve already done most of the former. HiConsumption recently put out a list of their top hiking shirt selections. From their collection, I’ve selected the top three upper-body outerwear choices. Starting with the most expensive to the least pricey (without sacrificing quality, that is), this short-and-sweet catalog should be a good start to finding the outdoors shirt that’s perfect for you.


Orvis Bush Shirt


Not only does this shirt have that African grassland look that might make you feel like you belong on the Broadway set of The Lion King, but it’s also moisture and dust wicking. The material, though a bit pricey, is heavy duty, and will outlast most other adventure shirts like it. An added plus is that it’s long-sleeved, which makes it perfect for the spring and fall seasons, as an undershirt for winter, and as protection against the sun in the summer. It’s even got shoulder strap for securing your camera or binocular straps.

Price: $98


Arc’teryx Motus Crew


A completely different style from the Orvis, this crew is a favorite among trail runners. Moisture-wicking and quick to dry, the smooth fabric slides effortlessly underneath any other layers you’d like to put on. Some added bonuses are the flat-lock seams to counter any chafing on longer runs, and the hip-length cut for an easier tuck.

Price: ~$50


Marmot Windridge SS


If you’re yearning for the free feeling of hiking in the nude, this might be next best (and most legal) option for you. Incredibly lightweight while still offering a good amount of UV protection, this sweat-wicking shirt really is one of those things every hiker or explorer should own. Just like the last selection, this crew includes those flat-lock seams for maximum comfort, and to top it all of it comes in multiple colors.

Price: ~$20




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