Get Adventurous, Indiana

Welcome to Indiana. I’ve been stuck here my whole life, from second grade all the way up through college. Whether you’re a fellow Hoosier or some stranger unfamiliar to the flattest landscape the planet has to offer (besides maybe Kansas), you’re probably under the impression that my home state is pretty gray, pretty boring, and pretty dull. That’s because it is. Extremely. Unless the thought of low taxes makes your blood pump. Seriously though, those “acres of corn and colorless skies” stereotypes aren’t exaggerations.


The thing is, even in between miles and miles of farmland riddled with great big white windmills, a college kid like myself could use some space. My sanctuary has always been a balance of writing and adventure. The thirst to get myself out into nature – and I don’t mean out on campus swinging between two landscaped trees in my hammock, but real outdoor experiences – has almost unwillingly forced my old mom-van to trek out and explore anything and everything adventurous this Midwest state might bear for me.


What I’ve found over the years has genuinely surprised me, and given me hope that the rest of my sad and unworldly neighbors and friends might someday enlighten themselves to Indiana’s well-kept outdoor secrets. From dramatic views overlooking the Great Lakes, to narrow valleys cut from ancient stone and draped in lush woodland, I will strive to truly capture the hidden diversity of this beautiful state. What you won’t find here are heavily filtered “selfie” pictures of me flexing my heavily chiseled abs (which unfortunately I don’t have) with some assorted shrubberies in the background. What you will find is a love of exploration expressed through a photographer’s lens and a writer’s keyboard.


If you live in Indiana, I’m sorry you’ve been missing out. If you don’t, maybe it’s time for a relocation. I’ll let the allure of the land speak for itself.


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